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Hi Everyone


Long time since I have sent an update about Gazzabash Dance Events . Really hope you have been okay over the last 18 months . I have been sadden over the deaths of some of my close friends and some of our regular dancers from covid related illnesses .

I have been asked by a lot of dancers when will the Gazzabashes restart especially because of the new rules coming out on the 19th July . I am a bit cautious to start up to soon and Crofton Halls managers feel the same . The earliest would be the Friday 3rd September but that is not set in stone . If it did go ahead we would restrict entry to double jabber only , because I would not want to be responsible for any of our customers falling seriously ill . I hope you can understand , this would only be until things calm down. I understand some people don't believe in covid or think they won't get it . I respect that, everybody has the right to have an opinion . But I am a believer and I need to set boundaries for my peace of mind and for the safety of my crew . 

All the latest information will be posted on the website . I will nearer the 3rd September inform everyone with the entry policy and details . I am really looking forward to opening up and getting back to some normality and I  hope

you are aswell .








Many thanks for reading this update

Stay Safe